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Bring balance to your life, calm inner turmoil, discover peace and harmony at the Oakton Psychic Chakra Center.  Stephanie has over 25 years of experience as a Spiritual Healer and Psychic.  Stephanie offers accurate Chakra Balancing, Crystal and Aura Cleansing, Reiki Therapy, Life Coaching, Guided Meditation, as well as Astrology, Full Life, Tarot Card, Love, Palm, and Past Life Readings.  Stephanie has been based in Virginia for decades, but has satisfied clients from all over the world.

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Welcome to Oakton Psychic Chakra Center

Call or text to schedule an appointment with Stephanie at the Oakton Psychic Chakra Center.  Readings can be done in-person or by phone.  If you're not sure which reading or service will best fit your needs, give Stephanie a call.

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Healing Services

The Oakton Psychic Chakra Center offers many services to help heal emotional, spiritual, and physical pain.  Stephanie is an experienced Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master.

A graphic showing a woman and mans body that glows with their aura and chakra colors.

Chakra Reading & Balancing

Chakras make up your spiritual body which lies within your physical body.  There are 7 Chakras which are responsible for your physical, mental, and spiritual functions.  Charkas are centers of activity that control your life force.  It's important that your Charkas are kept in balance because when they are not balanced, you can experience anxiety, depression, irritability, restless nights, the loss of connection with your loved ones, and other negative effects.
Stephanie's Chakra Reading will asses your Chakras and tell you if they are out of balance.  She is able to help you realign your Chakras which will help you feel better, energized, empowered, whole, and ready to face the world!

Clear quartz cyrstals, amethyst, jade, onyx, amber, and other gemstones in a pile.

Spiritual Healing & Holistic Reading

A Spiritual Healing starts with Stephanie's Holistic Reading that assess what is going on in your life.  She is able to determine the best method of spiritual healing based on her initial holistic reading.  Spiritual Healing often involves the use of powerful crystals and gemstones, candles, and herbs.

The Oakton Psychic Chakra Center sells crystals, gemstones, and other items that are used in Spiritual Healing.

A very large cathedral amethyst geode (purple crystals).

Crystal Healing & Cleansing

Crystals are powerful and have many uses.  They can be used to help you heal and remove negativity from your life.  Stephanie is very knowledgeable about crystals, gemstones, and their uses in holistic healing.  She stocks a variety of crystals, amethysts, rose quartz, and many other powerful stones to help her clients in all areas of life from protection to reuniting loved ones and everything in between.

A woman performs reiki therapy by holding her hands over another person's body.

Reiki Master

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing that is considered an alternative medicine.  As a Reiki Master, Stephanie is able to use the palm healing technique through which a universal energy is transferred through the Stephanie's palms to her client in order to encourage emotional and physical healing.

A map with pins, a compass, protractor, magnifying glass.

Life Coaching

Stephanie's Life Coaching offers guidance in all area of life including love and relationships, resolving problems with friends and family, achieving your goals, career path, business decisions, finances, emotional well-being, and health issues.  Whatever obstacles are standing in your way, Stephanie can help you remove them to achieve your goals. 

A woman meditating while floating high above the grassy ground. Birds fly around her.

Guided Meditation

Find inner peace with Stephanie's Guided Meditation.  Meditating is a powerful tool to help you clear your mind, find peace, balance, and tranquility in your life.

Psychic Services

Psychic Stephanie offers an array of services which allow her to use her clairvoyant ability to help those in need.  If you are unsure which reading will best suit your needs, just give Stephanie a call and tell her your concerns and desires.  She will be able to recommend the reading that best fits your needs.

An array of Psychic tools including crystals, tarot cards, runes, gemstones, candles.

Psychic Reading

Find out details about love, marriage, health, business, career, relationships, friends and family.  Psychic Stephanie tells of past, present, and future.  Get help with depression, stress reduction, self-esteem, and boost your confidence.  Psychic Stephanie offers a level of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing which can improve your overall health and outlook on life.  She can answer your questions in all areas of life from love and relationships to career and financial decisions.  Call Stephanie to get answers, guidance, insight, and predictions about your life.

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Astrological Wheel full of zodiac symbols floating in outerspace with bright colors surrounding it.

Astrology & Numerology

While Astrology is the study of the movements and positions of the celestial objects and their effect on our life, Numerology deals with the occurrence of numbers in our lives and their  meaning.  Both may seem to have no connection with each other, but are, in many ways, closely related. They have been around for centuries and when we understand them both together, we realize that one reinforces the other.
Both Numerology and Astrology are metaphysical sciences that can be used as tools to teach you about yourself and provide you with solutions and insights about your life.  Call Stephanie for a free consultation.

An array of Tarot Cards displayed against a white background.

Tarot & Angel Card Readings

Tarot and Angel Cards give you a better understanding of past experiences, your present situation, and take a glimpse into your future.

Angel Cards are very positive and connect with your spirituality.  They can give insight into relationships, careers, and finances while creating a sense of peace of mind and confidence.  They give inspired angelic guidance, answers, and insight into your life.

Tarot Cards can answer questions that you have at the time of the reading.  They can reflect and guide you to the answers you seek.  Find out about your love life, finances, career, goals, health, and your general life path. 

A hot 20-something woman in a bra with long dark hair making out with a handsome man with stubble.

Love Reading

Psychic Stephanie specializes in Psychic Love Readings.  She can accurately assess your compatibility with your lover, tell you if you've  found your soul mate or twin flame, answer questions you have about your significant other, marriage, divorce, offer guidance to resolve problems in your relationship, and help you to find happiness and everlasting love.  Stephanie can help you reconnect with a lost love, find your one true love, make a big decision about your future, and so much more.  Don't let love frustrate you.  Get the advice you need to find happiness in your love life.

Stephanie offers Couples Readings for those that want to have a reading together.  This can help define your relationship and offer guidance in how to proceed.  You will find out if you are soul mates, twin flames, or not meant to be.  Get the answers you have been seeking!

A colorful line drawing of a hand showing symbols used in a palm reading.

Palm Reading

Stephanie's Palm Reading can tell you about what could be and what will be.  She is able to look into the emotional side of your life and see your relationships, love, and your struggles.  She is also able to asses your work and career potential and let you know about your upward mobility.  She is able to see major changes in your life, your personality, and your passions.   She will be able to see if you are destined for great success and popularity or will be happy in a loving marriage with a few kids.

A clear, round, crystal ball sits in the middle of colorful gemstones.

Crystal Ball Reading

Stephanie's Crystal Ball Reading focuses on your energy and your future.  Crystals are a powerful conduit which allows her to tap into the forces of the universe and see into your life and your future.  Stephanie can tell you how your present situation and choices will impact your future.  She can give you details about your personality and asses any emotional problems in your life.  This reading will allow you to see how your choices have affected your present situation and how they will impact your future.

The silhouette of a man walking through a door glowing with pure white light. He is a leaving a dark place.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression looks into what your soul has experienced in past lives.  Your soul remains a constant while your body changes every lifetime.  By taking a look into your past lives and decisions you have made in the past, you can get a better understanding of current situations.  It can help you see how your choices affect your life and future lives.  You may experience that aspects of your past lives really resonate with your current life and situation or even your dreams.

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Medium Reading

A Medium Reading connects with those that have passed away.  Stephanie is able to communicate with the other side to deliver messages from loved ones.  She can channel those that have died and deliver messages to and from them to you.

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Oakton Psychic Chakra Center
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Serving Washington D.C. and these Virginia counties:
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